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With Don's Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series, he wishes to inspire you to tap within, through Personal/Self-Transformation, Self-Introspection, living in the 'N0W', along with a simple technique he calls the 'Art of Stillness' to dismantle stress, increase our physical, emotional, and mental immune systems. We can also increase our mental acuity, focus power, develop a higher sense of self-esteem and love, a higher feelings of inner peace, grow, regrow and strengthen our telomeres, neuropathways, neurotransmitters and transform our DNA through focused higher brain and mind power. Our genes and DNA can mutate through mental telepathic osmosis. The power behind this is our consciousness or will power. There is much more as we transform from physical beings trying to have a spiritual experience to the spiritual beings we already are here to live the human experience. This Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series is designed with the goal in mind of building or rebuilding a new You today, right 'N0W', for living in our rapidly changing and shifting times into higher consciousness.

He shares on such concepts as higher consciousness, letting go, forgiveness, being in the now, conscious living, divine love, self development, and personal-transformation. Don also shares with us how to look deep within ourselves to discover self-love and inner peace through his 'Art of Stillness technique. People who have taken his Empowerment Series have felt an internal shift as they learn how to truly increase their self-awareness, and become the consciousness transformers and character change agents for our new age of higher consciousness.  

Don has compiled and completed a revised curriculum based on classes and workshops he has done over the last 20 years. A class series called, The Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series. The series will be shared mainly in what he calls Intensives, shared for example, on Saturdays from 10 - 2 p.m... All materials and class curriculum are provided by your instructor and are included in your costs.There is an advanced series of classes in the series that is optional and those classes can be inquired about.. If you wish to be certified and teach this series, please contact Don for more info. You must have taken several classes twice within the series. Any class can be taken on Skype. This H.C.E.Series is designed to empower our outer active self, and our inner emotional and mental/thinking self in preparation for increasing our awareness in paving the way for entrance into our new era of higher consciousness. It has been noted by those taking the course who practice the 'Art of Stillness' that these classes have helped greatly in neutralizing the negative energies of mind and ego, thus increasing focus, balance, clarity and peace of mind.  Each class is $29, thus each intensive of two classes is $58, including  curriculum and all materials. Cuuiculum emailed if class taken on Skype.

 is available for sharing, poetry readings, seminars, introduction and mini-workshops, and 2-3 week class course Intensives. We are currently working with Saturday Intensives, generally 10am - 12pm ~ or 10 - 2 pm with week days negotiable. Though we have some semi-online success via email and cell phone conference calls and Skype, as we expand, online classes we will initiate perhaps by early to mid 2016, via blog podcast. For class/course donation, or costs and more info please contact Don through the first email below.

Don Hoes - Mystic Poet & Author of :

Higher Consciousness through Meditation
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